Using the Eduverse – Social Networking at Its Best

Yesterday, I was in a state of panic.  Our first Parent Town Hall Meeting is fast approaching, and we need to advertise to ensure we get great participation and a gourmet meal prepared by our very own Chef Brown!  I needed a flyer to pass out to students before they leave for Thanksgiving Break, but I was having a complete mental block on a design.

Enter the Eduverse – that collective body of educators ready and willing to help at the drop of a hat.  I’ve never really been a networker per se, but the concept of the Eduverse presented by Kevin Honeycutt ( presented at this year’s GaETC was really enlightening and inspiring to me.  He talked about leveraging the power of thousands of people who are smarter and more creative than I am to help solve the problems I encounter as an educator on a daily basis.  What can I use to get to the kid who sleeps in my class every day?  How can I get my class excited about reading the books on the county’s reading list?  Is there a free video that ties in with my lesson today?  Enter the Eduverse!

By simply sending out a quick SOS email to the Parent Liaison group, I was able to get not one, but 5 sample flyers and permission to modify them to my heart’s content in less than an hour!  I’m starting to see Twitter and Facebook in a whole new light.  I don’t have to be the smartest, most creative, most innovative person in my circle.  I just have to ask for help and work smarter, not harder.

For more on the Eduverse and the power of social networking, check out Kevin Honeycutt’s session Connecting to the Eduverse on ESSDACK –

Happy Teaching!

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